Our Reputation


Our reputation in the industry means everything to us. It is what drives our business. We take such pride in the fact that about 80% of our business comes from former clients, fellow vendors, venues, and top planners from all over.



Our People


We are dedicated to the best in not only the equipment and the technology we use, but more importantly the people that use it. Our in house and on site training programs have created top notch DJs and entertainers from all walks of life. It’s our people that separates us.

Absolute DJS Kelowna




We take entertaining seriously and have been in business for over 15 years. Learning how to grow and create a truly unique and successful entertainment company is what drives us. The technology may change within Absolute DJS Kelowna, but there are our three principles that won’t:

Our Reputation, Our People, and Our Core Values.

Core Values
Experience Matters

Have Integrity in Everything we Do.


Constant Communication

Team Work

Support the Team

Keeping up with the Trends

Always be a Student